How to Maximize Your Efforts at the Office – Afternoon

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How to Maximize Your Efforts at the Office – Afternoon

*Part 2 of our Office Productivity Series*

One of the most frequent questions I get from friends and family is: What do you do all day at work? It comes with the territory when working on growing a small business. It’s hard for most people to understand what goes into it all. It’s not their fault, they’ve fallen into line with most people. Their life revolves around going into the office every day, doing what their boss or supervisor tells them, and then clocking out and going home. Their job is exactly that, a job.

Starting and running a business on your own couldn’t be more different. There is no blueprint to follow, no directions, and certainly no room for error. Sure, there are some people who have gone before you that you can try to emulate, but when it’s your vision and dream you are trying to build, it can’t be replicated in a cookie-cutter format.

So, adding all that into the equation, what do I do all day?

Here’s a look at the rest of my basic daily routine when it comes to work and my business.

5. Begin Working on First Smaller Goals

After all of the emails from the day before have been read and answered I begin to work right away on the first of the smaller goals I had outlined earlier in the morning. I always try and carve out at least 2 hours of solid grinding time to take care of the goals I establish. There are always phone calls, new emails, and customer visits to the office, so there has to be flexibility, but you need to dedicate a specific amount of time to accomplishing what has to be done.

Because these goals and tasks I have outlined are small and manageable, I can almost always fit them into my set aside time. You get better at scheduling this portion of your day the longer you follow your routine and get a better grasp on your working pace.

6. Take at Least an Hour for a Mid-Day Break

I sometimes get flack for telling people I do this, but honestly, if I didn’t I would never get anything done later on in the day. By allowing my brain a chance to recover, have a bite to eat for lunch, and either catch up on social media or go outside for some fresh air, I am preparing it for a solid, productive push toward quitting time.

I’m sure you’ve all had days where you are just knocked out of rhythm and are tapping out of productive work around 3 or 4pm. I know I have. This allows me to avoid that issue and continue knocking stuff off my to-do lists.

7. Follow-Up with Vendors and Customers via Phone

I always try to end my day by talking to either my vendors, partners, or current customers over the phone. If I can get a few of them on the phone, it goes a long way to strengthen our working relationship and keep them thinking about doing business with us. I usually set this number around 2-3 a day, but obviously can be adjusted to fit your business. You may only need to do this every couple of days, but you should definitely give it a shot.

8. Updating To-Do Lists and Schedule for The Next Day

The last thing I do every day is make a note of what I accomplished today and adjust my schedule for tomorrow. By getting into the habit of rehashing the day’s activities and thinking about what else has to be done, I make my morning routine even easier. I create a foundation of where I need to start the following day. Plus, as I said earlier, it makes me feel a whole lot better when I go over everything I accomplished for the day. Gives me the little ego boost that we all need on a regular basis.

Now, obviously this isn’t a schedule that everyone can, and should, follow, but I felt the need to share with you how I can function at a relatively productive level. I’m sure that this can help some of you squeeze just a few extra hours out of your week and make the ones you currently have way more effective.

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