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Project Description

Project Brief

Verizon Wireless came to us looking to attract more customers into their retail stores. We created a plan that focused on designing, printing, and mailing a series of Every Door Direct Mail postcards to the neighborhoods surrounding each of the stores we were working with. These pieces were completely custom designed with the goal of attracting new and current customers through the use of special promotions and offers. We handled everything from the design, printing, and even the postal delivery.


Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

In order to get this project done, we needed to utilize our creative skills to the max. Our graphic designers and copywriters went to work right away, pushing out draft after draft until we landed on the final versions. We also took advantage of our branding and general marketing skills to come up with the various taglines and campaign slogans for each piece. These are what drive the customer interactions and help maintain a sense of continuity with every future piece that is launched.

Graphic Design 100%
Copywriting 100%
Branding 75%
Marketing 75%

Initial Concept Planning

We took on this project with the goal of keeping true to the Verizon brand and image, but offering a tweak to help differentiate the offerings that the retailer Wireless Zone had to offer. We also focused on different taglines that we could use to keep consistency across future campaign pieces.

Drafts & Revisions

Due to the number of stores we were working with, we tried to keep the image consistent throughout, while still offering some variation between the different promotions being offered. Each mailing piece went through several drafts before we settled on final versions.

Final Delivery

Once the design had been completed, we printed the mail pieces out on beautiful glossy 14pt cardstock and delivered them for distribution to the agreed upon mailing neighborhoods around each individual store location.