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Project Description

Project Brief

Looking for a new website, the Torrington Football Letterman’s Club reached out to us. They had been using the same website for several years and were looking for a modern upgrade that would better connect with the young current high school athletes to increase club participation. The website needed to incorporate current team schedules, information, and news articles, while still showcasing the “glory days” and keeping the current members coming back to relive their times on the team. In addition to the website, they were looking for email marketing to the current members and social media setup.


Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

We worked with the Torrington Football Letterman’s Club board and came up with a plan that utilized most of our creative marketing skills. From a design standpoint, we needed to create a website from scratch, as well as create imagery for quarterly email newsletters and a Twitter profile. We created custom content for each of the pieces involved, and had our WordPress website designers handle the complete customization of the website.

Graphic Design 100%
Copywriting 100%
WordPress Design and Hosting 100%
Branding 100%

Initial Concept Planning

We met regularly with the club’s board to decide on the direction of the website, as well as the email newsletter and Twitter profile. They guided us towards what they were looking for, and we set out a plan to deliver. 

Drafts & Revisions

The website went through two different styles before we pitched to the board. We scrapped our alternate design beforehand and went with what we felt was our strongest finished product. The emails are constantly being created and presented on a quarterly basis, and the Twitter profile is regularly updated by both the board and our staff when needed.

Final Delivery

The website’s launch was a success and continues to be a destination for both members and current athletes alike. The email newsletters reach close to 200 members every quarter and the Twitter profile is very active during the football seasons.