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Project Description

Project Brief

Sharp Box is a company that produces high quality kitchen cutlery using ceramic blades. They were looking for a re-branding and re-design of their product packaging, as well as some additional marketing and promotional pieces to help spread awareness of the brand. We worked with them to create a new message that focused on the high-end restaurant quality of the product, but geared toward the use in typical residential homes. The designs were made very modern and clean. We also created designs for new promotional delivery packages as well as complimentary menu cards to be used at local restaurants as a low-cost advertisement.


Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

Re-designing the product packaging for Sharp Box was a perfect opportunity to have our designers flex their creative muscles. We had several design options to go over, allowing us to settle on a direction we felt was setting the company up for the most success. We also had to utilize our branding background and create the underlying message that tied all of these pieces, as well as any in the future, together in a common grouping. Now, when you look at anything that Sharp Box is involved with or produces, you will get the same feel and immediately understand the connection.

Graphic Design 100%
Branding 100%

Initial Concept Planning

Initially, when we met with the Sharp Box team they didn’t have a specific idea or direction to take everything in. We worked with them to create a complete strategy and identify the goals that fit their overall mission.

Drafts & Revisions

Our design team created two complete design options for Sharp Box. One focused more on the high-end restaurant use, while the other brought it down to a residential level. In the end we took both concepts and combined elements from each into the final product we presented.

Final Delivery

The packaging designs we created are currently in use for the newest product that Sharp Box has launched. Going forward each of the products will be showcased in the packaging when they are re-supplied from the factory. The promotional delivery boxes and meal cards are currently being worked on and will be launched later this year with partnering restaurants.