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Project Description

Project Brief

Royal-Athletes, a youth sports coaching and mentoring company operating in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas, came to us looking for the design of their new logo. They gave us the basic ideas that they wanted incorporated. We took those ideas and were able to create several possible versions. Our goal was to incorporate the various sports and activities that the business revolved around, while creating a balance between fun and professional. The finished product was a strong, yet whimsical approach to what they had been looking for.


Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

This project was completely visual in nature. So, we were able to give this our full attention and have multiple designers collaborate and provide various designs for the client to choose from. We also had to incorporate our branding abilities in the overall creative direction. Getting the proper balance of casual play and corporate sleekness was a challenge, but our team was able to overcome and create a finished product the clients were extremely pleased with.

Graphic Design 100%
Branding 75%

Initial Concept Planning

When Royal Athletes came to us with this project, we immediately began planning out some possible designs. The key was the constant stream of communication we maintained with them. This allowed us to never venture off the path that they had in mind.

Drafts & Revisions

There was an initial challenge deciding on the proper color scheme, but in working with the Royal Athletes team we settled on the Royal Blue and a slightly lighter version of Heather Grey. We then began creating a total of 12 logo variations to choose between.

Final Delivery

The designs were looked over by Prince, Maya, and the rest of the Royal Athletes crew before they came to their final decision. The logo has since been used on all of their social media accounts, clothing, as well as their website.