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Project Description

Project Brief

Kingdom Landscaping came to Oliver Atwood looking for some printing and design work to help them get ready for the 2017 Spring season. They worked directly with Tim who created a set of door hangers and yard signs to use as the beginning stages of a physical marketing campaign. He also worked with them to create a basic website that will serve as their digital home going forward.


Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

Having worked with landscaping companies in the past, we had an idea where to take things right off the bat. The name of the game was consistency across all design pieces, as well as making sure we emphasized any and all special offers and deals the company wanted to offer to new and existing customers. We worked through multiple iterations of color schemes and typography before we settled on a branding style that fit our plan and made the clients happy.

Graphic Design 100%
Branding 100%
Printing 100%

Initial Concept Planning

The Kingdom Landscaping team came to us with an overall idea of what they were looking for, so we took that and expanded it into a complete strategy and branding style. 

Drafts & Revisions

Tim began the design process by creating a color palette and typography style to use across all marketing materials. The goal was to build a sense of identity and cohesion across all physical and digital pieces to help build a sense of stability and strength with potential customers. 

Final Delivery

Since this project had several different elements, the final delivery was segmented across several weeks. First, we began with traditional leave-behind door hangers. These were designed to advertise additional services as well as serve as a touchpoint with existing customers following a service appointment. The second delivery was the website, which served as the digital home for the business. The final piece was a set of yard signs to help display the company and services in neighborhoods where they were already operating.