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Project Description

Project Brief

Henry’s Appliance Repair was looking to update their website and came to us for help. They had been stuck with Hibu, a digital marketing company that utilizes off-shore designers to create very basic cookie-cutter websites, and wanted an upgrade. Hibu had locked them into a long-term contract requiring hefty monthly charges in order to keep the website hosted. We got all of the information from them, had the contract canceled, and created a new website for Henry’s that incorporated everything that they had been looking for.


Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

For this project we needed to utilize all of our skills. Our graphic designers went to work creating all of the visuals and iconography throughout the site. They worked together with our copywriting team as they created every piece of content across each page and section. Finally we had our WordPress designers lay out the entire site, build all of the elements on-top of the template we chose for the site’s base, and set-up all of the web and domain hosting on the back end.

Graphic Design 100%
Copywriting 100%
WordPress Design and Hosting 100%
Branding 100%

Initial Concept Planning

Website projects are typically some of the longer projects to get fully completed, as there is almost always some tweaking that must be done after launch. That being said, we worked long hours right off the bat to eliminate as much of that as possible, getting right to work on design and content.

Drafts & Revisions

The biggest decision we faced was the type of WordPress template to utilize. This template was geared toward the service industry and provided us the opportunity to include an after-market appointment scheduling plugin of our choice.

Final Delivery

The website was launched during the summer of 2015 and has seen a marked improvement over the traffic it had previously been generating before Henry’s came to us. Their scheduled appointments are up and they are ranking much better among Google and Bing search engines.