Your Logo Is Killing Your Business

//Your Logo Is Killing Your Business

Your Logo Is Killing Your Business

A business’s logo can be compared to a person’s face. It’s usually the first thing you notice and can completely shape your initial reaction, both for the good and the bad. We all know there is only shot to make a good first impression, so we all try to make ourselves look as respectable as possible before we leave the house in the morning. Why don’t we take the same precautions with our business?

One of the strongest indicators of a successful and effective logo has to do with color. More specifically, choosing the right color for what you are trying to convey.

The color blue won’t work for your business if you are trying to convey a message of passion and high energy. The color orange isn’t a good choice for your high-end luxury car company.

Aside from the emotional factors when it comes to color, they also are incredibly influential in purchasing decisions.

84.7% of Consumers Cite Color as Their Main Reason for Buying a Particular Product

Take a look at this fantastic infographic put together by ColourFast Printing and see how your logo stacks up to the psychology of color and shape.

The Psychology of Logo Design


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